SportTechie - ishBowl’s Big Decision: Switching to a Business to Business Model

Many companies start as one thing and transform into something completely different. ishBowl is no exception. They launched their action sports video platform on web and mobile last February and had quite a bit of success. ishBowl allowed their users to create a customized video feed of high quality video content by following their favorite athletes, brands, filmmakers, and media companies. ishBowl had inked a deal with Nike and had some of the biggest athletes, brands, and agents on board. 


SportTechie - ishBowl Enhances Video Consumption Methods for Action Sports Fans and Athletes

In a generation of self-made YouTube sensations and GoPro-wearing athletes, video is one of the most common ways that people consume content and share their talents with the world.  This has opened the door for a new video platform called ishBowl, which is trying to enhance the way action sports athletes consume media.


Aljazeera - Surf’s up in impoverished Papua New Guinea

"The problems that are now stopping us from executing the toilet project - the labour shortage and land disputes - they're not road blocks, they're speed bumps," Parker said.

"We've dealt with plenty of them in the past and there's always a way around them. But it takes time and it takes patience. It takes years of slow-burning work on the ground. You can't throw capital at a non-capitalistic problem. You need to change behaviour first."



San Diego entrepreneur  Zack Parker and long-time friend Josh Pritchard have stumbled onto something that they hope changes the way the action sports industry consumes media—specifically video content. Their new platform,, uses Youtube and Vimeo’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to pull in content from those sites, and then filters it through the lens of an action sports enthusiast, sorting out the less than stellar clips and showcasing the freshest and highest quality videos from multiple sites across the web.


Santa Cruz Sentinel - Stoked & Broke: Let's see it -- ishBowl takes action sports videos to the next level

A couple of years ago, Zack Parker realized that there was a black hole in the action sports industry.

"There are 182 million people that watch 4.7 billion hours of action sports videos online each year, but the problem is there isn't a structured way to find the videos," the Aptos High grad said.

Instead of wasting more time sifting through mediocre videos on YouTube, Parker solved his own problem.


Santa Cruz Sentinel - Stoked and broke: The surfing trip that turned into something bigger

Despite scoring excellent surf, all was not swell on the island of Lido. Parker and Paul realized their boardshorts were starting to reek far beyond the normal levels.

"You'd be paddling in, and all of a sudden it would start to smell like poop. And then you'd get up on the beach after surfing and see piles of poop," remembers Parker. "And there was poop all over the village."


SDSU College of Business - Student Surf Vacation Leads to New Non-Profit Organization

“Where’s the best place on earth to surf?”

In 2006 SDSU undergraduate student, Zack Parker, asked this question of the local population while he was vacationing in Australia. Parker was told about a place in nearby Papua New Guinea that got rave reviews from the surfing community, but he was told “You don’t want to go there.”

But in his quest for the perfect wave, Parker went anyway and soon understood why he was issued the warning: a lack of any type of running water made living conditions incredibly unsanitary.